About me

Piotr Samojło


For more than a dozen years, I have been involved in webmastering in the broadest sense – creating websites, stores and Internet marketing with a special emphasis on SEO.

I have extensive experience in:

  • Working with corporate clients in agency work,
  • In providing comprehensive services to smaller entities as a freelancer.

In addition to creating a website or store, I also provide you with advice and assistance on a wide range of issues – from warehouse solutions, shipments, payment methods, paid advertising, organic SEO efforts, and creating effective procedures in the company.

I live in Bialystok, Poland, but regularly meet clients online or in person in many places in Europe.

I settle by an hourly rate, meticulously reporting my activities to the minute.

  • SEO specialist
  • WordPress / Woocommerce developer
  • PHP developer
  • e-commerce consultant